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Barnes 1897

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]

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reduces the number to 185 and the death-rate to 10.91. This
is the fourth year in succession of low mortality, which is very
gratifying as a proof of steady sanitary improvement.
Ninety-eight deaths were registered for Mortlake which, with
an estimated population of 7,350, gives a death-rate of 13.3
per 1,000.
The same number of death (98) were registered for Barnes.
This, with an estimated population of 9,600, gives a death-rate
of 10 per 1,000.
The deaths of 54 children under one year of age were
registered, which is equal to a rate of 3.18 per 1,000.
The deaths of 38 people over 65 years were registered, which
gives a rate of 2.2 per 1,000.
Three hundred and seventy births were registered, 218 for
Barnes and 152 for Mortlake; this gives a birth-rate of 21.8
per 1,000.
There were 35 inquests, 24 of which were registered for
Barnes and 11 for Mortlake; 16 of these were of strangers,
mostly bodies found in the river and brought ashore in the
Your obedient servant,

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