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Barnes 1897

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]

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case of Typhoid which occupied one of our four wards, some
cases of Diphtheria in another, and 15 cases of Scarlet Fever
in the other two, which were built for the reception of five.
This is a repetition of what took place last year. We have
since up to the end of the year had from 17 to 24 in wards
built for 10 patients. It is very necessary that the Convalescent
Wards be proceeded with: it is very unsatisfactory to be obliged
to crowd infectious sickness in confined space; it interferes with
the progress of recovery, and we are obliged to refuse admission
to urgent cases. I am pleased to be able to say that since
writing the above the sanction of the Local Government
Board has been received to proceed with the work, and that the
Surveyor has received instructions to advertise for tenders for the
construction of the building. Seventy-nine were admitted to
the Hospital, 47 of Scarlet Fever, 28 of Diphtheria, and four
of Typhoid.


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There was little increase in the population up to the middle
of the year, notwithstanding the extensive building operations
in progress; there were not many completed ready for occupation,
and few of them let.
The estimate of the population for the district to the middle of
the year is 16,950, and the deaths registered to the end of December,
196, which gives a death-rate of 11.56, but the deaths of five
people who belonged to the district and died elsewhere have to
be added, and the deaths of 16 people who were registered in
the district but did not belong to it have to be deducted, which

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