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Barnes 1895

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]

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The deaths for Mortlake were no, and the estimated
population 7050, which gives a rate of 15.6 per 1000.
The deaths for Barnes were 100, and the estimated population
9150, which is equal to a rate of 10-9 per 1000.
Fifty-one children died under one year, which is equal to
3.14 per 1000.
Sixty-four people died over 65 years, which is equal to 3.95
per 1000.
There were 23 deaths from the zymotic class of diseases,
which is at the rate of 1.42 per 1000.
The hospital has continued to increase in popularity, and is
a great boon to the district. I believe that it would not only be
wise and beneficial, but also very popular if the accommodation
were increased. Great disappointment is felt when we are so
unfortunate as not to be able to receive infectious cases from
want of room.
One hundred and five cases were under treatment in the
hospital during the year, 29 of which were from the Richmond
Added Area, all of which were Scarlet Fever.


Mortlake.Barnes.Added Area.Total.
Scarlet Fever16282973
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Three hundred and ninety-seven births were registered for
the district during the year, 171 for Mortlake and 226 for Barnes.
This is equal to a birth rate of 24.5 per 1000.
Your obedient Servant,

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