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Barnes 1895

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]

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Ten cases of Typhoid were notified—two in Mortlake and
eight in Barnes. Several were imported.
One case of Small Pox was notified. It occurred in a man
who had tramped from Leicester to Barnes, to work at the new
reservoirs. On his arrival at lodgings which had been provided
for him, it was found that he was ill. I had him removed at
once to Highgate, and had what was necessary done to prevent
the spread, and there were no more cases.


Scarlet Fever232952
Small Pox—11
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Extensive building operations were commenced in the district
during the year, mostly in Barnes, where it is proceeding very
rapidly, and will cause a considerable increase in the population
in the future; but during the past year there has been very little
addition either in Mortlake or Barnes, and what has taken place
is from the excess of births over deaths, except that in Barnes a
few navvies who work at the new reservoirs have found lodgings
in the parish.
I estimate the population to the middle of the year as 16,200.
The registered deaths were 218, which is equal to a death
rate of 13.45 per 1000; a very low rate, though in excess of that
or the preceding year. This has to be corrected by the addition
of people belonging to the district who died and were registered
elsewhere, of whom there wtre six, but against this is to be set
r4 who were registered in this district who did not belong to it,
which reduces the number by eight, so that the number we have
to consider is 210, and this gives a rate of 12.96.

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