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Barnes 1922

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]

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Sanitary Administration.
of being found persistently in a verminous condition, are removed
there from the Schools under the powers conferred by Sectfon 122
of the Children Act, 1908. The number of children cleansed at the
Cleansing Station on account of the verminous condition of their
hair was 64 ; one child was dealt with on account of body vermin.
In addition, the Cleansing Station is available for the treatment
of children affected with Scabies, but no children were treated
on this account during the year.
No adult person infested with vermin applied during the year
for cleansing of person or clothing,
At the Public Mortuary, adjacent to the Isolation Hospital,
33 bodies, on which post-mortem examinations were conducted and
inquests held, were received. Of this number, 10 were bodies of
persons resident in the District; 17 were bodies of non-residents
whose death occurred in the District, and 6 were bodies of persons
unknown. In addition, 5 bodies were received into the Mortuary
for reasons other than inquest or post-mortem examination.
The Public Mortuary and Post-mortem Room and the rooms
used as a Coroner's Court were re-painted and renovated during the
year. For the better preservation of bodies received at the Mortuary
an additional air-tight shell, in which to retain corpses the burial of
which is delayed for purposes of identification, has been provided.
The various nuisances dealt with during the year are included
in the tabular summary, already given, of defects remedied.
Nuisances arising from the keeping of animals, including
fowls, duck, rabbits, pigeons, &c., at the rear of houses having very
small yards are of frequent occurrence; in most of such cases it is
extremely difficult, often impossible, to obtain a remedy under the
Nuisance Section of the Public Health Act, 1875. Nuisances
arising from this source would be far less frequent, and existing,
nuisances more easily dealt with, if Bye-laws for the prevention of
the keeping of such animals on any premises so as to be a nuisance
or dangerous to health were adopted.

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