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Walthamstow 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Provided Schools1616169
Voluntary Schools1231
Special Schools.
Mentally Defective11
Deaf and Dumb1

Number of children on Registers at the end of the year 25,162
Number of School places provided 25,312
Average Attendance 22,512
Percentage present for December 89-4
Rateable value of the district was £444,850.
The product of a penny rate approximates £1,700.
The Education Rate for the year was 2s. 3d. in the pound, and the
cost per child for education was £3 0s. 10d.
The cost of Medical Inspection for the year was £467 4s. 4d. This
includes supervising officer's salary as well as that paid to the inspecting
doctor and nurse, clerk, and expenses of postage, printing, etc.
Provided Schools.—All these are modern, well equipped, and
in every way suited for the work carried on.
They are mainly one storey buildings and each Department has a
Central Hall.
The playgrounds are tar paved and each contains a covered playshed.
During the year repairs and improvements have been carried out at a
total cost of £1,673 5s. Od.

The Chief Medical Officer of the Board of Education gave on page 37 of his 1908 Annual Report, the cost of Medical Inspection as follows:—

Cost of Salaries per child in average attendance.Cost as decimal of Id. rate.
County Boroughs5.69.19
Municipal Boroughs7.64.23
Urban Districts7.56.28
Walthamstow, 19104.8.26