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Walthamstow 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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That the estimated and actual populations differ greatly may be
accepted, and as the Census will be taken in April and the actual
numbers ascertained, without giving any data for the statement, I
estimate our population as not more than 132,000.
The population assumed by the Registrar-General will be taken
as the basis of the general birth and death-rates of the district, otherwise
these rates would not be fairly comparable with those of other " Large
Towns," whose populations are based on a like assumption, that their
annual rates of growth since 1901, like ours, were similar to those
prevailing in the intercensal period 1891-1901.
To estimate with any degree of accuracy the populations of the five
Wards within the district, is much more difficult than for the total
population ; but in order that this report may be uniform with preceding
ones, and that comparisons may be made and deductions drawn from
facts revealed during the year, I assign to the Wards the following
populations, giving also those allocated in 1909 :—
St. James St. High St. Hoe St. Wood St. Northern. Total.
1910 25,000 23,000 25,000 18,500 40,500 = 132,000
1909 24,500 22,500 24,500 18,000 40,000
During the year 242 new houses were certified by the Surveyor as fit
for occupation, and the growth of the district has mainly taken place in
the Northern Ward.
The Overseers on their official returns for 1910 certified as empty the
Shops. Houses. Tenements. Total.
154 1,170 517 1,841

As compared with previous years :—


The following Table, with slight alterations, is reproduced from last
year's Report.
It will be interesting to learn from the Census returns how the
supposed and actual conditions differ.