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Walthamstow 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The age constitution of our population at the 1901 Census, as compared with England and Wales, and the average death-rates at the different age periods may be seen from the following table :—


All Ages.Under 5 years.Over 5 and under 10.Over 10 and under 15.Over 15 and under 20.Over 20 and under 25.Over 25 and under 35.Over 35 and under 45.Over 45 and under 55.Over 65 and under 65.Over 65 and under 75.75 years and upwards.
England and Wales.1,0001291191101009014911485583313
England and Wales (assumed).95,13112,27111,32010,4649,5138,56114,17410,8448,0865,5173,1391,236
Average Death-rates England and Wales.17.754.73.852.

The following Summary of the Sanitary and other data of importance are given for easy reference:—


Population.Rateable Value.General District Rate,Total Poor Rate,Education Rate,
£.per £.per £.per£.
1881 Census21,69797,1113/42/90/2
1891 „46,346156,9592/93/8l/4¾
1901 „95,131328,7563/84/101/11¾
1904 Estimated111,282404,1013/25/92/4¼
1905 „116,300423,2413/105/102/5
1906 „121,334426,7034/16/52/7
1907 „126,397431,9374/15/51/8
1908 „131,486437,1274/15/31/8½
1909 „136,602444,5824/15/11/9
1910 „141,748444,8504/-5/112/3