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Walthamstow 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The particulars of proceedings are given below:—

No. of SampleDescription.Offence charged.Result.
18ButterSelling margarine unlabeledFine 20s., costs 14s. 6d.
41Milk30 per cent. deficiency of creamFell through on insufficient service.
648 per cent. added waterDismissed on payment of costs.
6512 per cent. added waterFine 40s., costs 14s. 6d.
7325 per cent. deficient in creamFine 40s., costs 14s. 6d.
1345 per cent. added waterFine 1s., costs 14s. 6d.
193ButterSelling margarine un-labelledFine 10s., costs 14s. 6d.
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Legal Proceedings.—In April a summons was obtained against
Mr. W. Bennett for keeping swine so as to be a nuisance in Mount
Pleasant Road, and an order was obtained for the abatement of the
nuisance. In July a further summons was issued for breach of the
order, and defendant was ordered to pay 40s. and costs.
In the end the pigs were removed and the keeping of them
In the general work of the department no further legal proceedings
were found necessary, a verbal request or informal intimation being
generally sufficient to secure attention from owners or occupiers, and in
special cases a personal interview sufficed to satisfy them that our
requirements are necessary and reasonable.

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