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Walthamstow 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Unsound Food.—During the year the following parcels of food have
been destroyed as unfit for human consumption:—
1 box of herrings,
1 trunk of haddocks.
1 barrel of roker.
5 boxes of tomatoes.
7 boxes „
2 cwts. potatoes.
2 pads of mackerel.
1 trunk of plaice.
5 boxes of kippers.
20 boxes of cherries.
10 boxes ½ full ditto.
5 boxes of kippers.
2 trunks of cod.
2 boxes of plaice.
1 box of plaice.
1 trunk of whiting.
2 barrels of fresh herrings.
30 dozen rabbits.
2 trunks of soles.
18 rabbits.
1 barrel of herrings.
18 rabbits.
Water Supply.—We have received during the year from the Water
Board, notice of the cutting off of the supply from 37 premises. Early
visit and subsequent ooservation have secured that the supply has in
each case been reinstated.
Twenty samples of water from the mam at the Town Hall were
submitted to Mr. Leo Taylor for analysis. Fifteen for chemical and
five for bacteriological examination.
Sale of Food and Drugs.

Articles to the number of 235 have been submitted to the County Analyst during the year. The following list shows the description of articles purchased and the number of each:—

Description.No. of samples purchased.No. of samples adulterated.
Corn Flour20
Ground Rice10
„ Ginger10
Baking Powder10
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