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Walthamstow 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The clerical and other work necessary for carrying out the duties
under this Act, yearly increase, and the irregular way in which lists are
sent in, and the numerous wrong addresses given, are sources of great
annoyance, so much so, that notices under Section 107 have been sent
to the various employers, pointing out the penalties and the determination
of your Authority to enforce the provisions of the section.
A "Register of Workshops" and "Workshop Record Book" have
been kept fairly well up to date, and a further Record of Outworkers,
as per lists received, has been kept on the Card Index System. The
latter is found more convenient, owing to the shifting character of the
During the year systematic visiting took place, and the defects found
as set out in tabular form, were remedied.
Factories.—Inspection of these was made, and the conveniences
were sufficient in all instances to comply with Section 22 (Public Health
Amendment Act).
In 1902, I pointed out the duty imposed on your Council for
insisting on proper provision being made for escape of the workers in
case of fire.
During this year (July, 1904), the Council approved "proposed
regulations submitted by the Surveyor as to providing means of escape
from factories in the case of fire," and recommended that the same be
printed and forwarded to owners of factories.
The Plans and Highways Committee, in January, 1905, had applications
from four factories for certificates under Section 14.
Workshops and Workplaces.—The number of these
premises on the Register was 49 laundries, 51 bakehouses, 753 outworkers'
premises (20 of these being workshops), and 27 other workshops.
Laundries.—These were generally kept well. In four instances
the flooring was found defective and remedied.
A few minor nuisances were found and remedied, as set forth on
page 68.
Bakehouses.—These are generally in a very good condition and
well kept.

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