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Walthamstow 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Mattersnotified to H.M. Inspectors of Factories:—
Failure to affix Abstract of the Factory and Workshop Act (S. 133)
Action taken in matters referred by H.M. Inspectors as remediable, under the Public Health Acts, but not under the Factory Act (S. 5).Notified by H.M. Inspector1
Reports (of action taken (sent to H.M. Inspectors1
Underground Bakehouses (S. 101):—
In use during 19037
Certificates grantedin 1903
in 19046
In use at the end of 19046
Number of
Homework:— Lists of Outworkers* (S. 107):—Lists.Outworkers.
Lists received126753
Addresses of outworkersforwarded to other Authorities29
received from other Authorities402
Homework in unwholesome or infected premises:—Wearing Apparel.Other.
Notices prohibiting homework in unwholesome premises (S. 108)
Cases of infectious disease notified in homeworkers' premises4
Orders prohibiting homework in infected premises (S. 110)4
Workshops on the Register (S. 131) at the end of 1904:—
Total number of workshops on Register147
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*The Lists should be received twice in the year. The year's figures required in the Table are
then obtained by adding together the two half-yearly totals.

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