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Walthamstow 1903

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Water Supply.—During the year 35 premises were reported to us by
the East London Water Works Company as having had the water
supply cut off. The premises were at once visited and intimation sent
to the owner, with the result that in all cases with one exception the water
supply was reinstated within a day or two.
In the exceptional case, the right of occupying of the premises was in
dispute, and the premises remained without a water supply for some
weeks, until the legal question was settled.
Fourteen samples of water from the mains of the East London Water
Works Company were submitted for analysis; 11 for chemical, and
3 for bacteriological examination.
The following matters, as to which notices had been ordered by the
Council, were still outstanding at the close of the year.

Particulars as to proceedings, &c., will be found in the following table:—

No.Description.If summoned.Offence charged.Result.
9Butter.YesSelling margarine unlabeled10s. and costs.
82„ „10s. and costs.
41Milk.Selling milk not of the quality demandedDismissed, defendant having warranty.
42„ „4s. costs.
6710 per cent, cream extractedDismissed, being unable to prove the ownership of the milk.
8816 per cent, added waterDefendant absconded.
8920 per cent, cream abstracted, 16 per cent, added waterMo hearing, summons delayed in service.
106Dripping.25 per cent, cotton seed oil10s. fine and costs.
112Milk.No.10 per cent, cream abstractedSeller produced warran ty
1276 per cent cream abstractedSeller cautioned.
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