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Walthamstow 1903

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Walthamstow, and the carcasses sent to London. As I knew where it
was customary for this particular owner to send meat to, I went at once
to the Central Meat Market and saw the Meat Inspector there, and
found that some of the carcasses had arrived there ; but the salesman to
whom they were consigned had put them aside for inspection, and they
were destroyed at the market. I then went to the Chief Sanitary
Inspector of Southwark and informed him of the circumstances, and a
subsequent visit to the shop of a pork butcher in that borough resulted
in the discovery of the remainder of the consignment. After destruction
of the meat by order of a magistrate, a summons resulted in a fine of
,£20 and costs.
There have been submitted to me during the year by the owners, for
destruction as unfit for food, the undermentioned articles, which had
been purchased in market, and on arrival at the retailers' homes were
found to be unsound. A certificate of destruction enabled the purchaser
to secure the return of most, if not all, of the purchase-money from the
salesman at the market, thus removing any temptation to recoup the
cost by offering unwholesome articles for sale:
March 25th 11 Boxes of cod roes.
May 29th 1 Box of roker.
June 2nd 1-i- Bushels of whelks.
July 18th 1 Box of hake.
„ "28th 1 Case of roker.
Aug. 4th 1 Box of plaice.
,, llth 1 ,, roker.
,, 13th 1 „ herrings.
Sept. 2nd 1 roker.
,, 30th 1 Barrel of herrings.
Oct. 12th 2 Cases of witches.
Nov. 24th 1 Case of roker.
There is no doubt that a cheap food supply does possibly more than
any amount of inspection and punishment to maintain a wholesome
supply, by making it less profitable to purchase for sale that which is
Sale of Food and Drugs Acts.

I he number of samples submitted to the County Analyst during tr year was 116, being as follows: —

Description.No. of samples.No. of samples sold contrary to Acts.
Colouring matter10
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