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Teddington 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Teddington]

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Fourteen cases of Chicken Pox were notified
during the year, and I inspected all of them.
Chicken Pox ceased to be a notifiable disease after
August 7th.
There have been thirty-five notifications of
this disease received during the year, thirteen of
the cases proving fatal. Thirty occurred in Upper
Teddington Ward, two in Fulwell Ward, three in
Lower Teddington Ward, and none in South
Teddington. Twenty-two cases occurred in
March and April, and also the greater number of
the thirteen deaths. The high mortality (viz.,
about 30 per cent) might have been prevented if
the parents had sought medical advice at an early
stage of the outbreak, when the Antitoxin treatment
could have been adopted with success. In
many cases it was not adopted at all, and in some
when it was too late.
The usual measures were taken in each case
to prevent the spread of the disease.
Four cases were notified, and all recovered.
In three cases no cause for the origin of the disease
could be traced. In one case the patient had
eaten oysters ten days before he was taken ill.
Nine cases were notified, but no deaths

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