London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Teddington 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Teddington]

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No.Name.Sex.Age.Address.Notified.Vaccination.Type.Where treated.Result.
1Charles WhiteM23Fulwell Road29 Jan.Vaccinated, not re-vaccinatedModerate severityRemoved to Croydon and Wimbledon Smallpox HospitalRecovery.
2D. NicholM29Causeway2 Mar.UnvaccinatedConfluent Hœmorrhagic„ „Death.
3M. PenfoldF3629 Springfield Road28 AprilVaccinated in infancySevere„ „Recovery.
4F1. PenfoldF17„ „Moderate„ „
5Hetty PenfoldF5 wks.„ „UnvaccinatedSevere„ „
6William PenfoldM10„ „1 MayVaccinatedVery mildAt home
7Susan PenfoldF6„ „4 „
8Mrs. Lydia ChalkleyF3930 Springfield Road30 AprilVaccinated in infancySevereSent to hospital
9Edward ChalkleyM3„ „1 MayVaccinatedVery mildAt home
10Frank ChalkleyM12„ „4 ,,Mild
11George BacheM637 Springfield Road5 ,,Vaccinated insufficientSevereSent to hospital
12John MundyM354 Cranmer Place5 „Vaccinated in infancy„ „
13Olive StockerF113 Gomer Gardens23 „Unvaccinated„ „
14Harry StoekerM5„ „23 „„ „
15Arthur StockerM3„ „23 ,,„ „
16Emily ShepherdF2636 Crundall Villas8 JuneVaccinatedModerate„ „
17James RoughtonM381 Cranmer Road13 „Vaccinated and re-vaccinatedVery mildAt home