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Southall-Norwood 1897

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Southall-Norwood]

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Burial Grounds.

The following Table gives particulars of the Burial Grounds in use in this District:—

The Cemetery.St. John's.
1.—The Situation of the GroundHavelock Road, Southall GreenThe Green, Southall.
2.—Total AreaAbout 1¾ Acres*About ½ Acre.
3.—Dates of first use on first entry in registerApril 2nd, 1883March 3rd, 1860. (Consecrated Jan. 23, 1860).
4.—Total No. of Burials to date10271570.
5.—No. of VaultsNoneNone.
6.— „ Brick GravesFour13.
7.— „ Earth „455577.
8.—Length and Width of Grave Spaces8-ft. x 4-ft. Brick GraveBrick Grave, 8-ft. x 4-ft.
7-ft. x 3-ft. Earth „Earth „ 6-ft. 6-in. x 2-ft. 6-in.
9.—Depth of uppermost coffin below level of groundFour feetFour feet.
10.—Area of unused GroundNot quite 2/3 rds. *About 1-fifth. (See below).
11.—Distance of nearest dwelling and whether partially or wholly surrounded by houses20-ft. (partially)Adjoining on North side.
North and West sides.

* Another 31/3 Acres just added, making now about 5 Acres in all.
Memo.—The Ground unused is the front portion of Churchyard and are principally brick grave spaces.
Mortuary.—This Building is situated at the Cemetery, Havelock Road. The accommodation is ample. Provision is
made for the performance of post mortem examination.