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Southall-Norwood 1897

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Southall-Norwood]

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Sludge Pressing.
The old machinery being worn the Council have had new
machinery fixed, consisting of 1 patent high and low pressure, and
vacuum air exhaust and Compression Pump, 1 27-inch circular
24-chamber Sludge Press with patent pyramid filtering surface and 1
Pneumatic Forcing Ram at a cost of £209.

The following table will shew the quantity of Sewage Sludge, treated by filter pressing by the new machinery.

No. of pressings.Quantity of Sludge pressed.Quantity of Sewage cake produced.Quantity of Press Liquor returned to Tank.
836.1,063 tons.277 tons.786 tons.

As the Farmers do not seem to recognise the fertilizing value of
the sludge cake, it is utilized at the present time by filling in the low
lying places on the farm to bring them up above water level.
The cost of irrigating and cultivating the farm was as follows:—
Area of crops 9½ acres.
£ s. d.
Labour 166 19 1
Team Labour 57 4 1
Seeds, &c. 13 2 10
237 6 0
Value of Crops 86 10 3
Total Net Cost £150 15 9