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Mitcham 1923

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Mitcham]

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Birth-rate. Death-rate, and Analysis of Mortality during the year 1923.

-Birthrate Per 1000 Total Population.Annual Death-Rate per 1000 Population.rate per 1000 Births.
All Causes.Enteric Fever.Small-pox.Measles.Scarlet Fever.Whooping Cough.Diphtheria.Influenza.Violence.Diarrhoea and Enteritis (under Two Years.)Total Deaths under One Year.
England and Wales19.711.
105 County Boroughs and Great
Towns, including London20.411.
157 Smaller Towns (1921 Adjusted Populations 20,000—50,000)19.810.60.01_0.
Mitcham Urban District21.