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Mitcham 1923

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Mitcham]

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The number of deaths registered as occurring during the year
was 343, as against 398 last year.
This number excludes those deaths which occurred inside but
belonged to other districts, but includes deaths which occurred
outside, but were normally residents of the district. These latter
deaths occurred chiefly at the Infirmary and General Hospital at
Croydon, the County Asylums at Brookwood and Netherne, and the
Isolation Hospital at Beddington Corner.
The death rate for the year was 9.4 per thousand of
population, as against 11.0 last year.
The death rate in England and Wales for 1923 was 116.
Infantile Mortality.
The number of deaths registered as occurring in infants under
one year of age was 47, as against 46 last year, the infantile
mortality rate being 59 as against 61 last year.
The infantile mortality rate for England and Wales was 69
per thousand births.
Causes of Deaths.
Reference to Table II. will show the total deaths, together with the
The deaths included :
32 from Pulmonary Tuberculosis (26).
2 ,, Enteric Fever.
1 „ Measles (6).
1 ,, Scarlet Fever (2).
5 „ Whooping Cough (2).
45 „ Heart Disease (61).
33 „ Cancer (34).
The figures in brackets refer to the number which occurred last