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Mitcham 1923

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Mitcham]

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The following table shows the number of children on the
registers, together with the attendances, etc.:—

Report of Infant Welfare Centres, 1923.

Particulars.Zion Schools.The Woodlands.St. Barnabas.Total
Number of Infants on Register January 1st, 1923164180132168148190538
Number of Infants on Register June 1st, 1923115124110113124132369
Number of Infants on Register December 31st, 1923180145168126194151422
Number of new Infants entered on Register104138104869997321
No. of Infants who have completed one year of age628787767384237
Infants transferred to other centres22334
Infants who have died1...2...12
Number of Infant attendances98211139521149101313613623
Average attendance43.6650.943.652 448 762.2
Maximum attendance of any Infant202220
Maximum attendances at any centre547769646579
Number of attendances at Ante-Nat: 1 Clinic7270
Average attendance6.3

The work carried out by Miss Hurn, the Nurse-Midwife, has
proved very acceptable. During the year she has attended 51
The Education Department of the Surrey County Council carries
out the duties of the medical inspection of school children. On
occasions the Medical Officer of Health is called in to examine
children who are suspected to be suffering from infectious or
contagious disease.