London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Kingston upon Thames 1907

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kingston-upon-Thames]

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Date.Description.Age.Sex.Cause of death.Verdict.
„ 8Widow53FAsphyxia, cause unknownFound dead
„ 12Groom46MDrowningSuicide
„ 15Locksmith.67MDrowningFound drowned
„ 18Daughter of Lighterman5 mths.FAsphyxiaOverlaying
„ 21Gardener38MDrowningFound drowned
„ 25Son of Sweep1MScaldsAccident
„ 25Widow49FWound of ThroatSuicide
„ 25Schoolmaster82MSyncopeSenile decay
„ 29S. of French Polisher8MAcute Pneumonia
July 2Labourer35MAcute Gastritis
Aug. 1Milk Seller22MDrowning
„ 3Unknown50MTuberculousHeart Failure
„ 17Shunter39MDecapitationAccident
„ 22Bricklayer71MHeart Disease
„ 26Painter20MHœmorrhage from LiverAccident
„ 28Wife of Carman70FHeart Disease
„ 28Servant49FHeart Disease
Sept 10Horse Breaker46MFracture of SkullCoach Accident
„ 19Engineer50MHœmorrhage on Brain following accident
Oct. 1Restaurant Keeper66MChronic Bronchitis following exposure
„ 19Accountant.74MDrowning
„ 19Carpenter56MElectric ShockSuicide
,, 23H'sekeeper.59FHeart Failure
,, 23Labourer22MEpileptic Fit
„ 25Widow82FFracture of NeckAccident
Nov. 13Wife of Storekeeper32FHœmorrhage from Ruptured Vein
„ 15Daughter of Colonel29FFracture of SkullSuicide
„ 28Artist42MDrowningSuicide
„ 28Wife of Artist32FDrowningSuicide
„ 30Widow80FFracture of Femur, etc.
„ 30Omnibus Keeper68MDrowningSuicide
Dec. 10Miner34MHeart Disease
„ 14D. of French Polisher3FAcute Peritonitis
„ 18Baker65MFatty Heart
„ 30Cattle Drover41MChronic Alcoholism
„ 30Housemaid.42FHeart Disease