London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Kingston upon Thames 1907

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kingston-upon-Thames]

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Date.Description.Age.Sex.Cause of death.Verdict.
Jan. 11No occupation70FFract. Cervical. Verteb.Accidental
„ 23Wife of Hairdresser.31FPuerperal Pyæmia
„ 23Horse-keeper49MCarbolic Acid PoisoningTem. Ins.
„ 29Innkeeper35MWound of Throat
Feb. 7Painter43MCerebral HœmorrhageNatural
„ 7Gardener74MDrowning in Thames
„ 8Daughter of Bricklayer8FKnocked down by MotorcarAccident
„ 15Carman40MCerebral Hœmorrhage—fall
„ 16Son of Carman3MCongestion of LungsNatural
„ 16Labourer21MDrowningFound drowned
„ 20Labourer58MSarcoma of FemurNatural
„ 27Wife of Labourer37FFatty Degeneration of Heart
March 7Clerk57MHeart FailureHeart Dis.
„ 12Widow78F
„ 12No occupation25MExhaustion following fall and fracture of leg
„ 14Labourer68MGangrene following cut from broken bottle
April 2Tailor77MHeart FailureHeart Dis.
„ 4Carman60MFracture of SkullAccident
„ 12Gardener68MŒdema of Brain from fall
„ 19Butler83MFracture of Femur, etc.Heart Failure
„ 19No occupationNewly bornFWant of attention at birth
„ 20Furniture Dealer18MFracture of NeckAccident
May 11Wife of Assistant37FChronic Alcoholism
„ 11Daughter of Labourer3 wks.FSuffocationOverlaying
„ 16Daughter of Potman2FAcute Pneumonia
„ 21Widow75FDrowningFound Drowned
21Wife of Labourer33FAcute Peritonitis from injury
„ 21Widow74FFracture of Femur, etc.
June 3Traveller45MFracture of Ribs, Rupture of SpleenAccident
„ 3Timber Dealer38MFall from Railway BridgeSuicide
„ 5Widow53FHeart Disease
„ 8Son of Engineer4MFracture of SkullKnocked down by horse