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East Barnet Valley 1919

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Barnet]


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    The following table gives some evidence of the atmospheric conditions prevailing, but it must be noted that these conditions affect not the immediate health of the people but a subsequent period:—
    Mean Sunshine per day; hours.Rainfall. Inches.Number of days on which Rain fell.Notification Certificates received.Deaths
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    TABLE 1. Vital Statistics of Whole District during 1919 and Previous Years. Name of District.—EAST BARNET VALLEY.
    1.-Year.2.-Population estimated to Middle of each Year.Births.Total Deaths registered in the District.Transferable Deaths.Nett Deaths belonging to the District
    3.-Uncorrected Number.Nett.8.-Of Non-Residents registered in District.9.-Of Residents registered in District.Under 1 Year of AgeAt all Ages.
    4.—Number.5.—Rate.6.—Number.7.—Rate.10.—Number.11.—Rate per 1,000 Nett Births.12.—Number.13.—Rate.
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    TABLE II.—Cases of Infectious Disease notified during the Year 1919. EAST BARNET VALLEY URBAN DISTRICT.
    Notifiable Disease.Number of Cases Notified.Total Cases notified in each Locality.Total Cases removed to Hosp'I.
    At all Ages.Under 1.1 to 5.5 to 15.15 to 25.n 25 to 45.45 to 65.65 and upwards.1.—East Barnet.2.—Barnet Vale.3.—Monken Hadley.4.—Brunswick Park.
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    TABLE III. Causes of, and Ages at Death during Year 1919. EAST BARNET VALLEY URBAN DISTRICT.
    Causes of Death.Net Deaths at the subjoined ages of Residents whether occurring within or without the District.Total Deaths in Public Institutions in the District.
    All Ages.Under 1 year.1 and under 2.2 and under 5.5 and under 15.15 and under 25.25 and under 45.45 and under 65.65 and upwards.
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    TABLE IV. EAST BARNET VALLEY URBAN DISTRICT. Infant Mortality. 1919.—Nett Deaths from stated causes at various Ages under 1 Year of age.
    Cause of Death.Under 1 week.1-2 weeks.2-3 weeks.3-4 weeks.ot. und. 4 w'ks.1-3 months.3-6 months.6-9 months.9-1.2 months.Tot. und. 1 year.
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    Annual Report of Medical Officer of Health for 1919. For the Urban District of East Barnet Valley, on the administration of the Factory and Workshop Act, 1901, in connection with Factories, Workshops, Workplaces and Homework. 1.—INSPECTION of FACTORIES, WORKSHOPS & WORKPLACES Including Inspections made by Sanitary Inspectors or Inspectors of Nuisances.
    Premises.Number of
    Inspections.Written Notices.Prosecutions.
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    Particulars,Number of Defects.Number of Prosecutions.
    Found.Remedied.Referred to H.M. Inspector.
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    3.-HOME WORK.
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    Workshops on the Register (S. 131) at the end of the year.Number.
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    For the information of the Council, and in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health, I append hereto a table showing the defects found to exist on the properties inspected during the year:—
    Statistics of Inspections, Nuisances, etc.
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    Remedial Works carried out. As the result of notices issued under the Public Health Acts the undermentioned works have been carried out during the year:—
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    4. Condition of Dwelling Houses in regard to Light, Free Circulation of Air, Dampness and Cleanliness. Defects found:—
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    I append a short summary of the principle defects found:-
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    I have been supplied with the following information as to samples of articles of food taken for analysis from retailers within this Council's Area during the year 1919 :—
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    Disinfection figures for the year are:—
    Rooms Disinfected.Houses from which bedding was removed.
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    The following particulars are supplied at the request of the County Medical Officer of Heath. The information desired has been given wherever possible, but in some instances the items are not applicable to the District:— INSPECTIONS.
    Houses:—Number of Premises Inspected.Number of visits paid.
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    Trade Premises:—