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East Barnet 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Barnet]

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beds must be tightly covered up and compressed to
get them inside, and this must militate against thorough
disinfection, at least unless much extra time is allowed.
A suitable vehicle has lately been procured by the Joint
Isolation Hospital Committee for conveying articles to
be disinfected, from houses to the Hospital, and back
Isolation Hospital.—This hospital remains in
just the same state as described in my last Report.
No alterations and no additions have been made,
though the need of an observation ward and a discharge
block is generally admitted. Twenty-five cases of
scarlet fever and cases of diptheria were sent in from
the district during the year.
Water Supply.—The water supply is derived
from deep wells, and is of great purity, though a little
The arrangements for constant water supply for the
areas of the district at a higher elevation than 275 feet
above Ordnance Datum Level, which was the limit of
the original order of the Local Government Board, have
been satisfactorily settled.
The Council withdrew its Memorial to the Local
Government Board upon the Barnet District Gas and
Water Company undertaking to supply the Hadley