London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Martin-in-the-Fields 1862

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Martin-in-the-Fields]

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???ew 12-in. pipe sewer and connecting old drains at Good???win's Court20100
???reaking up old brick sewer and laying down 12-in. pipe ???at St. Martin's Court20161
???leansing well under church0410
???itto Long Acre pump971
???epairing and cleansing sewers, drains, Ac4834
???epairing and cleansing gullies31149
???onnecting house drains151110
???lushing sewers 3 feet in height and upwards41910
???lushing pipe sewers2185
???epairing Hushing hose (Mr. Merryweather)020
???epnirs to ilajw, flushing box, gullies, &c. (Mr. Flood)1170
???lap-keeper, attending outlets of sewers in river3306

Among the facts shown by this Table, one of the
most striking is the large number of deaths in children
under the age of 5 years, which always exceeds onethird
of the whole number. In some years even this
large proportion has been exceeded, as in 1857 and in
1861. The years 1860 and 1862 were distinguished as
showing the lowest general mortality, and in the same
years the infant mortality was also the lowest. During
the last year we had 199 deaths in children, and 123
in persons over 60 years, leaving 246 as the number of
deaths among the active and most important part of
the population. I am disposed to think that increase
or diminution among this portion of the population is
the real test of the influence of our attention to the
Laws of Health.
In calculating the death rate, I have deducted 40


Public urinals7514
District sewers228158
Inspector's wages (one-third chargeable to this rate)34134

Cr. Fees received for Connecting Drains, &c.

???42, Strand0190
???33, ,,0148
???34, ,,0190
???37, „0190
???11, James-street, Haymarket0148
???12, ,,0148
???10, Russell Court0190
???20, St. Martin's Court0148
???50, Bedford Street0144
???24, Rose Street0148
???25, ,,01 18
???5, Warwick Street0190
???18, ,,,0148
Carried forward10120338104