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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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these conveniences, and of carrying out certain
works necessary to put the same in a sound and
satisfactory state. Messrs. Finch & Co., the contractors
who originally constructed the conveniences, submitted to
the Vestry a detailed report and four alternative schemes
for dealing with the question, including provision for increasing
the lavatory accommodation for each sex. In consequence
of the large number of persons who make use of
the place, the Vestry felt that the time had arrived for the
drainage and ventilation to be thoroughly overhauled, and
that the lavatory accommodation undoubtedly required to be
improved. The Vestry accordingly accepted the estimate of
Messrs. Finch & Co, to re-model the system of drainage,
re-polish the marble work, supply and fix automatic flush
tanks, provide means of ventilation by air propellers, repave
with encaustic mosaic, cover ceiling with lincrusta francaise,
and extend the structure under the roadway so as to provide
a lavatory room with seven basins and other conveniences
for gentlemen, and a lavatory room with five basins for
ladies for the sum of £1,562, subject to the necessary consent
being obtained for extending the structure under the
street, and to Messrs. Finch & Co. entering into a formal
contract with the customary conditions, and undertaking to
carry out the work in such a manner so as at no time to
require the conveniences to be closed to the public.
The consent to the extension of the structure under the
street having been obtained, the works were put in hand and
were in progress at Lady Day, 1894.
The following is a list of public urinals (in addition to the

The cost incurred by the Vestry for the year in respect of the Sale of Food and Drugs Acts, is as follows

Allowance to Analyst7500
Furchase of Samples, &c.450
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Summonses have been taken out in the following cases:—

Depositing rubbish on the carriage-way2
Non-payment of accounts for paving works, etc.2
Offences under the Public Health (London) Act, 18917
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