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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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practicable opportunity of introducing a Bill into Parliament
requiring that a certificate relating to a patient in a
general hospital contracting or suffering from any notifiable
disease should be sent to the Medical Officer of Health
of the district in which such hospital is situate, instead of,
or as well as, to the Medical Officer of Health of the
district from which such patient was removed.
The Local Government Board subsequently replied, in
answer to the Vestry's communication, that they concurred
with the Clerk to the Metropolitan Asylums Board as
regards the interpretation to be put upon the Section
referred to, and added that the Vestry's suggestion as to an
alteration of the law would be noted for consideration.
In May, 1893, the Metropolitan Asylums Board addressed
a communication to the various Sanitary Authorities of
the Metropolis intimating that new cases could only be
admitted into the Board's Fever Hospitals as vacancies
occurred, asking that the Sanitary Authorities would
instruct their officers to give preference to the removal of
patients who, in consequence of their surroundings and
conditions of life, were in most need of hospital treatment,
and requesting that applications for admission to hospitals
which were not complied with might be repeated day by
day. The communication addressed to this Vestry was
referred by the Vestry to the Sanitary staff for attention.
In consequence of this communication, the Vestry of St.
Marylebone convened a conference of representatives from
the Sanitary Authorities of London, together with the


During the year ended at Lady-day, 293 certificates were received by the Medical Officer of Health relating to parishioners suffering from infectious disease, viz.

Cholera (Infantile)0
Membraneous Croup0
Scarlet Fever113
Typhus Fever0
Typhoid Fever19
Relapsing Fever0
Continued Fever2
Puerperal Fever2
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