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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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The following Table shows the periods of life in which the deaths in St. James's have occurred in the last Seven years respectively.

Under 1 Year ot Age.Above 1 and under 5.Above 5 and under 20.Above 20 and under 40.Above 40 and under CO.Abovo 60 and under 80.Above 80.Total
1887First Quarter231341424356119
Second Quarter252231818254115
Third Quarter32811221322108
Fourth Quarter261971318335121
1888First Quarter221421644357140
Second Quarter2834112225497
Third Quarter2975141326296
Fourth Quarter2026102327694
1889First Quarter23182728283109
Second Quarter2316210168176
Third Quarter28276131918...111
Fourth Quarter218661420277
1890First Quarter9895151523191
Second Quarter26111101312376
Third Quarter2762111527391
Fourth Quarter22931831205111
1891First Quarter16661624344105
Second Quarter1816312559147
Third Quarter2512I91915588
Fourth Quarter177291721378
1892First Quarter1919415331710147
Second Quarter1814662512283
Third Quarter1719271611367
Fourth Quarter1732122025887
1893First Quarter11831628296103
Second Quarter14114112534998
Third Quarter218461517577
Fourth Quarter21941122322101
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