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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Of the notifiable Infectious Diseases, 262 cases came
under notice during the year 1803. Of these 262 cases
107 were of Scarlet Fever; 50 were of Small Pox; 47 were
of Diphtheria; 32 were of Erysipelas; 20 were of Typhoid;
3 were of Continued Fever; and 3 were of Puerperal Fever.
Of the 202 cases, 159 were removed to Extra-Parochial Hospitals,
and 5 to the Poor Law Infirmary in Cleveland Street;
08 of the cases were not removed. Details of these 262
cases are appended in Table II, pages 208 to 220.



Prostatic Disease1
Scarlet Fever2
Small Pox1
Spinal Disease1
Typhoid Fever2
Violent Deaths:—
Fall Downstairs1
Fall from a Van1
Run over by Cart1
Fall downstairs (Fractured Ribs)1
Run over by Van1
Hysterectomy (a surgical operation performed at the Women's Hospital, Soho Square)1
— 7
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Tables of the causes of death and other data for the year
1893 aro appended.
I have the honour to remain,
Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen,
Your obedient Servant,
29, Dover Street, Piccadilly.

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