London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1883

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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In December, tenders were invited for painting the ironwork of
the stoneyard, and that of Mr. Cock, of Wardour Street, £29 10s.,
was accepted, and the work carried out.
From the constant and severe wear the machine brooms receive,
they require refilling with new bass, on the average, every seven
weeks. Formerly the brooms had a small wheel in front, but
owing to continual friction this was always out of repair. The machines
have been altered, and this wheel removed; and they now
work very much better. The cost of alterations, sundry repairs,
and refilling, has amounted to the sum of £53 12s. 6d.
The water-carts during the year were supplied by Mr. William
Mead, of Paddington; the carts being hired by the day.
The terms of the contract have been altered, the method of
supervision re-arranged, and a fresh contract entered into with
Mr. Mead for the ensuing three years, which provides for the work
being carried out as efficiently, and probably at less cost, than the
former one.
But few repairs have been necessary to the stand-posts during
the year; what have been done amount to the sum of £5 16s.
The contract for dusting and slopping has been carried out by
Mr. William Mead, of Paddington, at a cost of £4,000; but as
your Vestry thought this amount too great now, owing to the
large increase in the area of wood paving and asphalte, they terminated
this contract, and entered into a fresh one with Mr. H.
Covington, who undertakes to do the work for the sum of £3,200

average, rather more than three times each during the year; the amount being as follows:—

Repairing lamps24109
New meter box3100
Meter box keys0176