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St James's 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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27, Crown Court, Grent. Main drain estopped. May 18th.
40, Haymarket. A portion of the drain ??? with
6 inch peper. August 2nd.
8, Husband Street. Drain let off. May 8th.
10, Hodon Court. Main drain unstopped. August 14th.
11, Heddon Court. Main drain unstopped. August 14th.
8, James Street Lower. Main drain reconstructed with 6 inch piper from front wall of house.
4, James Street, Upper. Main drain unstoped. May 2nd.
4, Kind Street, Pall Mall. Drains repaired. March 29th.
21, King Street, Pall Mall. Drain from water-closet
repaired. February 26th.
7, ??? Street. Main drain unstopped. June 21 st.
46, Marlborough Street, Great. House drained from main
power up to party wall of back kitchen with 9 inch piper, and
from thence through wine collar with 6 inch ditto, all the branches 6 inch. February 26th.
11, Marshall street. Main drain let off. May 2nd.
46, Marshall Street, School. Drain from boys water-closet,
repaired with piper. February.
46, Marshall street. National School, drain from Boys
water-closet let off. November 14th.
16, New Street. Main drain let off. August 21st,
1 Norris Street, Main drain unstopped. November 30th.
2, Norris Street. Main drain unstopped. November 30th.


NUISANCES REMOVED OR ABATED.First Quarter.Second Quarter.Third Quarter.Fourth Quarter.For the whole Year.
Brought forward1201877252291261
Rain-water pipes repaired..24511
,, ,, unstopped and cleansed2112(!
,, ,, trapped..2215
Rain-water stopped from rooms148215
Rooms, walls and ceilings white-washed309547248045
,, floors of, washed479424
,, „ repaired..12..113
„ over-crowded ones cleared1..337
„ ventilation of, attended to..1....1
„ „ improved in....819
Rubbish removed..212418
Rabbits removed....213
Stairs, main, white-washed11171558191
„ basement, white-washed..670..70
„ „ steps washed43..1017
Shops, walls and ceilings white-washed..730138
Sheds and out-buildings lime-whited127..10
Structures dangerous, made safe......22
Urinals cleansed..12..3
„ public ones cleansed....8..8
Urine, nuisance from, stopped1••1• •2
Vaults lime-whited1214118
Vegetable refuse removed••3317
Water stopped from entering premises .532..10
Water-closets lime-whited13341182107
„ ventilation improved in2......2
„ furnished with a supply of water4106131100
„ seats, new ones added to2....24
,, seats of, repaired..64111
,, raisers, new ones added2..1..3
,, ,, repaired27..312
„ pans, new165315
,, traps, new382619
,, soil pipes, new1....12
„ ,, repaired..2..1214
,, service pipes repaired3......3
Carried forward21643117293862762
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