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St James's 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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St James's, westminster.
Drains reconstructed, cleansed, repaired, &c., during
the Year 1866.
5, Angelsea Yard. Drain reconstructed with pipes. July
8, Argyll Street, Little. Drain unstopped. July 9th.
51, Brewer Street. Main drain unstopped. April 21st.
10, Blenheim Street. Main drain unstopped and cleansed.
June 12th.
30, Broad Street. Branch drain in front area reconstructed.
December 13th.
14, Coach and Horses Yard. Drain repaired. December
6, Crown Court, Great. Main drain repaired. February
26, Crown Court, Great. Main drain unstopped. May 18th.
26, Crown Court, Great. Main and branch drains let off.
June 20th.


nuisances removed or abated.First Quarter.Second Quarter.Third Quarter.Fourth Quarter.For the whole Year.
Brought forward5175367129683
Dast-??? cleared19382540122
„ new ones furnished242558
„ tops and corers added to15191136
„ repaired1516126
Dilapidations, interior, made good3824136
„ interior314
Damp prevented312
Dwellings overcrowded112
Dogs removed25229
fouls removed11
foul smells prevented5612225
Fish refuse246
„ unfit for human food11
Gas, stopped from entering houses and premises11
Gallies cleansed..112
„ repaired1..1..2
„ street deodorised....9..2
Houses to which a full supply of water added23139
„ painted, white-washed, &c...1....4
Horses removed..1....1
Kitchens line-whited, front1533645
„ „ back5959477
„ cleared of occupants9......9
Lumber removed....2..2
Lead flats and gutters cleaned..210214
Most unfit fot human food destroyed......11
Manure removed1......1
Oyster shells removed....2..2
privies, open ones abolished..1....1
passed and trapped....1..1
pasanger, entrance line, whited10101044125
„ „ floors of, washed313916
„ „ „ repaired1......1
Paint work washed and cleaned1......1
carried forward1201877252291961
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