London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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"matter in the gallon. In all cases when water
"contains more than 2 grains of organic matter in
"the gallon it should be regarded as liable to be dan"gerous.
The Thames and New River water
"seldom present 2 grains of organic matter in the
"In examinations made during the last two
"years, the water found in the wells in Charles
"Street, Duke Street, Marlborough Street, and
"Burlington Gardens, hare been freest from organic
"matter, and have usually contained lets than the
"water supplied from the New River and the
"Thames. The other well waters invariably present
"a larger quantity of organic impurity than in the
"Thames and New River waters.
"It is not so much from their actual contami"nation
and danger that I recommend these wells
"to be closed, but from the fact that no amount of
"supervision can prevent their accidental contami"nation,
which may at any moment oecur, and
"result in such an awful catastrophe as occurred in
"the Parish in 1864.
"5. I hare made diligent enquiries, and find
"that there is no necessity for the existence of these
"wells, and that the inhabitants of the Parish are
"supplied with the superior water from the New
"River and the Thames. I am further of opinion
"that the keeping open these wells is perfectly un"necessary,
and is exposing the population of this


Noel streetLowndes courtCoach and horses yard
Wardour mewsMarlborough courtPainter's court
Portland mewsMarlborough RowRyder yard
Bentinck streetGeorge placeRyder street
Duck laneGolden squareBlue ball yard
Hopkins streetDitto dittoCleveland row
New streetBridle laneRussell court
Tyler's courtSmith's courtCrown court, Pallmall
Walker's courtCatherine wheel yardMason's yard
Green's courtCooper's courtOrmond yard
Crown Court, GreatAngel courtApple tree yard
Crown court, LittleChapel courtBabmaes mews
Queen's head courtHeddon courtCharles street
Panton squareVigo streetNorris street
Harris placeBurlington gardensJermyn street east
Blenheim streetCork mewsPeter street
Nag's head yardBoyle street
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6, Upper James st.194, Piccadilly20, Argyll street
25, Piccadilly7, Upper James street6, Savile row
39, Piccadilly29, Warwick street41, Piccadilly
2, Vine streetHill's place (4 drains)South row
6, Gt. Marlborough st.Blenheim streetPall mall
10, Ryder street64, St. James's street36, Savile row [pipes
9, Old Burlington st.Babmaes mewsHill's place, laying 9
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