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St James's 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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our own Parish, up to the latter end of the month
of June, nothing occurred to excite unusual alarm.
I was, however, impressed with the necessity of
endeavouring to meet the contingency of an outbreak
of Cholera, and, amongst other measures, again urged
the necessity of closing the surface wells of the
Parish. At the request of the Vestry, I drew up
the following Report on the state of the various
surface wells then in use:—
"June 4th, 1866.
"I beg to state that at your request I
"have examined chemically, as far as the means
"you have placed at my disposal enabled me, the
"water of the surface wells of the Parish. The
"result of my enquires which have been carried on
"for several weeks are as follows:—
"1. That all the surface well water of the
"Parish of St. James, Westminster, contains a larger
"quantity of inorganic matter than the water sup"plied
by the New River Company and the Grand
"Junction Water Company, which draws its supply
"from the Thames. The quantities of inorganic
"constituents in the well waters being from 40 to
"60 grains in the gallon, whilst the Thames water
"seldom exceeds 30 grains in the gallon.
"The whole of the surface well waters present a
"considerable quantity of organic matter, which
"varies from time to time, sometimes presenting
"two and even three or more grains of organic

GENERAL WORKS,— Continued.

Situation.Description of Work.Amount Expended.
Brought forward£1995172
preparations for flushing pipe sewers.
Examining and Clearing Flushing Boxes and Pipes as follows:-
Neol Street3182
Walker's Court0134
Hoddon Street0126
Appletree Yard3130
Coach and Horses Yard109
St. James's Square.New Side Entrance Flap fixed in St. James's Square5156
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