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St James's 1860

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Number of nuisances found during tlie year 1800, 131 4
„ nuisances removed or abated during the year, 1285
„ notices served during the year, 157
„ notices attended to by the defendants, 185
„ houses drained with 9 inch pipes, 3
„ houses drained with 0 inch pipes, 3 4
„ children found unvaccinated during the year, 220
„ children vaccinated by request during the year, 125
„ families visited to see if all their children were
vaccinated or not, from the 12th of June, 1859,
to the 27tli March, 1860, 4856
„ cases of small pox visited during the same time, 20
„ „ scarlatina visited during the year 1860, 53
„ „ fevers visited during the year, 15
„ „ diarrhoea „ „ „ 6
ft it measles „ „ „ 4
„ „ diphtheria „ „ „ 1
„ stables drained with 9 inch pipes during the year, 1
„ stables drained with 0 inch pipes during the year, 11
„ stables drained with 4 inch pipes during the year, 1
Sanitary Inspector
May 18, 1861


NUISANCES FOUND.First Quarter.Second Quarter.Third Quarter.Fourth Quarter.For the whole Year 1860.NUISANCES ABATED.First Quarter.Second Quarter.Third Quarter.Fourth Quarter.For the whole Year 1860.
Fowls, nuisance arising from the keeping of,....1..1Fowls removed,....1..1
Foul smells from various causes,13106938Foul smells,12107837
Fish refuse,1......1Fish refuse removed,1......1
Gullies foul,137213Gullies cleansed,12..25
„ dilapidated,342312„ repaired,216110
Gas street, nuisance caused by its entering dwellings,..3828Gas, nuisance from, stopped,..2327
Houses not having a full or no supply of water,274..13Houses to which a full supply of water has been added,114..6
„ generally dirty,14319„ white-washed, painted and cleansed,142..7
Kitchens, front, requiring lime-whiting,434314Kitchens, front, white-washed,154212
„ back, „ „438520„ back, „268319
„ front dilapidated,1....12„ front, dilapidations in, made good,......11
„ back „..11..2„ back, „..1..12
„ occupied contrary to law,22..15„ occupied contrary to law, cleared,11..13
Lumber, old, on basements, nuisance arising from,..1113Lumber, old, on basements, removed,....112
Lead flats and gutters foul,232310Lead flats and gutters cleansed,23128
„ „ dilapidated,..2....2„ „ repaired,..2....2
Oyster shells, stale,..62..8Oyster shells removed,..62..8
Passages requiring lime-whiting,475218Passage lime-whited or white-washed, Privies repaired,384217
Privies dilapidated,13..26„ lime-whited,..........
„ requiring lime-whiting..17..8„ cleansed,..3....3
„ foul,9313..25„ pans added to, also traps,..1312..25
„ open, having no pans or traps,..3115„ to which water has been added,..1124
„ having no water supply,553114„ traps added to,......12
„ removed or abolished,..11..2
Rain-water pipes dilapidated,12126Rain-water pipes repaired, „ „ cleared,12216
„ „ stopped,1......1Rabbits removed,..1....1
Rabbits, nuisance caused by the keeping of,..1..12..1..12
Rooms requiring white-washing,42014644„ dilapidations in, repaired,1239740
„ dilapidations in,442..10Rubbish removed from basements or vaults,455215
Rubbish on basement or in vaults,476219Smoke, nuisance from, abated,1....12
Smoke, nuisance caused by,12..25Stairs white-washed or lime-whited,1516224
Stairs requiring white-washing,1817..26„ lighted and ventilated,....1..1
„ dilapidated,..........„ repaired,......11
„ deficient of light and ventilation,1......1Sewers, old, removed,......22
Sewers, old, nuisance arising from,..4..15Service pipes repaired,2......2
Shops requiring white-washing,..2316Shops white-washed,....235
Structures, dangerous,11338Structures, dangerous, made good,1..348