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St James's 1860

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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NUISANCES FOUND.First Quarter.Second Quarter.Third Quarter.Fourth Quarter.For the whole Year 1860.NUISANCES ABATED.First Quarter.Second Quarter.Third Quarter.Fourth Quarter.For the whole Year 1860.
Areas, walls dilapidated,2......2Areas, walls of repaired,2......2
„ front requiring lime-whiting,2716120„ front lime-whited,2615124
„ back „ „263213„ back,152311
„ without drains,4......4„ drained,4......4
Abodes dirty,423211Abodes cleansed,242311
Animals, nuisance arising from the keeping of,....213„ purified,12....3
Animal matter,..2..13Animals removed,..11..2
Animal matter removed,....213
Bones, nuisance arising from,....2..2Bones removed,......22
Basements requiring lime-whiting,2312320Basements lime-whited,3212219
„ passages „..45413„ passages,....336
„ stairs „1218324„ stairs,1210322
Butts, cisterns, and other water receptacles foul,..1....1Butts, cisterus, and other water receptacles cleansed,• •..1..1
„ „ „ dilapidated,21..14„ „ „ „ repaired,211..4
2 „ „ without covers,..1....1„ „ „ „ covers added to,11....2
Bedding foul,..2..57Bedding cleansed,..2..46
Cesspools found,295420Cesspools cleansed out and filled up,695424
Corpse nuisance from, caused by neglect of interment,..21..3Corpse interred by request,..21..3
Courts, paving of dilapidated,• •112Court, paving of, repaired,..• •1..1
Drainage matter causing nuisance,695424Drainage matter, nuisance caused by, prevented,695424
Drains improperly constructed,11226Drains reconstructed,• •1214
„ foul and dilapidated,121210848„ cleansed and repaired,51910640
„ stopped,2320271383„ cleared,2223261283
„ connected with main sewer,2110114
„ unconnected directly with sewer,..811..19
„ trapped,101714243
„ without traps,131416346
„ old ones not in use removed,24....0
„ old ones not in use but causing nuisance,
Dust-bins full or foul,42....6Dust-bins cleansed,19512020116
„ reqiured,19532030122„ new ones furnished,385117
„ without tops or covers,26810„ to which tops and covers have been added,12227
„ dilapidated,11..24„ repaired,12..25
Dilapidations in houses, exterior,11417Dilapidations in houses, exterior repaired,231..0
„ „ interior,321..0„ „ interior „210..315
Damp, nuisance caused by,934..10Damp, nuisance caused by, prevented,..42410
Dogs, nuisance arising from the keeping of,174410Dogs removed from rooms,21..25
Dwellings badly ventilated21..36Dwellings, ventilation improved in,238114
„ overcrowded,4 25 ..4 23 210 6„ overcrowded ones cleared,11220
Eggs, rotten, nuisance caused by,..1....1Eggs rotten, removed,..1....1