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Rotherhithe 1871

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Rotherhithe]


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  • Page 7
    VESTRY OF THE PARISH OF ROTHERH1THE, SURREY. account in abstract. Shewing the Receipts and Expenditure f o r One Year ending 25th March, 1872, under the “ Metropolis Local Management Act ” 18 and 19 Victoria, cap 120.
    RATE.Cash Balance at commencement of Year.RECEIPTS DURING THE YEAR.PAYMENTS DURING THE YEAR.Cash Balance on the 25th March, 1872.
    Assessment by Metropolitan Board.Works.Establishment.Loans, &c.Watering.LightingTotal.In CreditIn Debit
    In Credit.In Debit.Rates, &c.Contributions, &c.Loans, &c.Incidentals.Total.
  • Page 8
    GENERAL ABSTRACT OP WORKS, Executed under Contracts, Agreements, &c. , for Special and General Works, Year ending 25th March, 1872.
    Paving and General Purposes Rate.Paving.Lighting.Watering.Cleansing and Repairing Roads and Footpaths.Improving.Removing Dust.Total.
  • Page 9
    GENERAL ABSTRACT OF WORKS. Executed under Contracts, Agreements, &c., for Special and General Work,Year ending 25th March 1872.
    Lighting Rate.Lighting.ContributionsCommission.Total.
  • Page 10
    GENERAL ABSTRACT OF WORKS . Executed under Contracts, Agreements, &c., for Special and General Works, Year ending 25th March, 1872.
    Sewers' Rate.CONSTRUCTIONRepair and Alterations to Sewers, Gu leys, &c,Cleansing, including Flushing, Casting, Lifting, Cartage, and Repairs, caused thereby.Incidental Works.Improvement Works.TOTAL COST.
    Side Entrance.Air & Flushing Shifts.Gullies.Drain Months.Flays
    18 in.15 in,12 in.9 in6 in.4 in.
  • Page 11
    Contracts for the performance of General Works and Supply of Materials. Subsisting at the commencement of, or entered into, during the year ending 25th March, 1872.
    Rate, &c.,Date of Contract.Mame of Party with whom Contract was made.Nature of Works to be Performed, and Materials to be Supplied.Observations.
  • Page 12
    VESTRY OF THE PARISH OF ROTHERHITIIE, SURREY. Statement and Account of all Arrears of Rates and other Monies owing to, and of all Mortgages, Debts, and Liabilities, owing by the Vestry on the 25th March, 1872.
    Rate, &c.Moneys Owing to the Vestry.Debts and Liabilities owing by the Vestry.Total.
    Cash Balance.Uncollected Rates, &c.Contributions to be Received.Amount of Rates at Bank to credit of the Overseers.Total.Cash Balance.Assessment by Metropolitan Board.Loans, Mortgages, &c.Estimated value of Compensation Annuities Granted.Special Contract outstandingTradesmen's Bills& other obligations not under Special Contracts.
  • Page 13
    Summary Statement, One Year, Ending March 26th, 1872, Paving and General Purposes Account.
  • Page 14
    Sewers Account, One Year ending 25th March, 1872.
  • Page 16
    Sewers Works The following lengths of pipe, sewer, and drain have been laid, viz:—
  • Page 16
    The following is a statement of applications made to the Vestry to drain houses and premises, and the results consequent thereon.
    Number of Notices received.No. of houses permanently drained into covered Sewers.No. of New houses temporarily drained into Cesspools.Buildings and premises other than houses drained.House Drains Cleared.Tota 1 Number of Houses and Buildings inspected for drainage.
  • Page 17
    The following applications for the erection of new houses and buildings have also been received and plans checked and approved.
    Number of Notices.Number of Houses.Additions to Houses.Warehouses and other Buildings.Churches, Chapels, Schools, and additions to same.Total number of new Buildings.
  • Page 17
    The following materials have been used in repairing the Roads during the year ended 25th March, 1872, viz.:—
  • Page 21
    Charity Estates, &c. The accounts of Messrs. Henry Ives and Thomas William Clarke, the Churchwardens for the year 1871-72 have been audited, and the following is a copv of the Charities Account:—
  • Page 21
    By Cash paid for Bread,:—
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    The table below will show the mortality arising from some of the most important epidemic diseases during the last six years.
    Desease.186718681869187018711872Deaths total.
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    and thirty-nine births were recorded, the deficency will therefore be thirty-six; but the deaths have also diminished to the number of forty, and the excess of births over deaths will amount to three hundred and seventy-six. Births were registered as follows:—
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    Deaths. In the four quarters of the year there was registered the following number of deaths, and in the mortality tables annexed the name of the disease is given.
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    This does not accurately represent the number of deaths, inasmuch as Inquests were held on the bodies of sixteen persons who were not inhabitants of this Parish, and in the Infirmary attached to the Union, twenty-three persons died, who were sent from Bermondsey, six from St. Olave's, and two from St. John's Parish, making altogether forty-seven non-residents; by abstracting this number the deaths due to this Parish will be reduced to five hundred and twenty-seven, and compared with the two previous years the rate of mortality will be as follows:—
    No. of Deaths.Corrected Mortality.Per Thousand.
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    In respect of age an analysis of the five hundred and seventy-four deaths will show that it included two hundred and ninety-six Males, and two hundred and seventy eight Females:—
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    TABLE OP THE MORTALITY IN ROTHERHITHE, First Quarter, from April 1st, 1871, to June 30th 1871.
    Diseases.Under 2 years of age.2 to 55 to 1010 to 2020 to 3030 to 4040 to 5050 to 6060 to 7070 to 8080 to 9090 to 100Total
  • Page 28
    TABLE OF THE MORTALITY IN ROTHERHITHE, Second Quarter, from July 1st, 1871, to September 30th 1871.
    Diseases.Under 2 years of age.2 to 55 to 1010 to 2020 to 3030 to 4040 to 5050 to 6060 to 7070 to 8080 to 9090 to 100Total.
  • Page 30
    TABLE OF THE MORTALITY IN ROTHERHITHE, Fourth Quarter, from January 1st, 1872, to March 30th 1872.
    Diseasbs.Under 2 years of age.2 to 55 to 1010 to 2020 to 3030 to 4040to3050 to 6060 to 7070 to 8080 to 9090 to 100Total.