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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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Report, 1890-91. 63
"for footway paving repairs, be included in
"the Approximate Estimate of April, 1890,
"and in each subsequent Approximate
"Estimate until the whole of the footways
"in the Parish are in a thorough state of
"repair; further, that the Works Committee
"do report to the Vestry as to the work
"proposed to be done in each half-year, with
"estimates, before the work is put in hand."
Since the passing of this order, the undermentioned
footways have been relaid and repaired, new Yorkshire
stone being used where necessary, and every endeavour
will be exercised to push forward this work as rapidly
as possible:—Carlton Terrace, between Carlton Bridge
and Fermoy Road; Carlton Bridge; Great Western
Road, by Kensal Road; Harrow Road, on South side,
from North Wharf Road to Hermitage Street; Queen's
Road; Carlton Road; Edgware Road, from Praed
Street to the "Red Lion" P.H.; Clifton Place, North
side; Harrow Road, on North side, from Chichester
Place to Westbourne Terrace North; Leinster Gardens;
Cleveland Square, South and West sides; Cleveland
Gardens, North side; and Connaught Place.
The Victoria stone paving laid down in May, 1889,
seems to answer most admirably, and as regards its
durability it is quite equal to York stone, and more
uniform in wear.
Reinstating Roads and Footpaths after Companies, &c.
Trenches opened by Gas, Water, Electric Lighting
and Postal Authorities and others, have been reinstated

The undermentioned Streets, &c., were repaired during the year:—

Westmoreland Road1,50101161
Bravington Road1,49901069
Carlton Terrace, between Carlton Bridge and Fermoy Road315913192
Carlton Bridge1,01091977
Shrewsbury Road5536549
Barnsdale Road80406148
Great Western Road, by Kensal Road1576104
Bristol Mews, in entrance938218103
Hall Place West8076161911
Glo'ster Mews East1,24769150
Carlton Road3,85066740
Clifton Place, N. side31961238
Harrow Road, from Chichester Place to Westbourne Terrace North1,39505168
Leinster Gardens2,867036113
Cleveland Square, S. and W. sides1,803059110
Cleveland Gardens, N. side570022112
Connaught Place54007190