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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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borough of paddington.
REPORT, 1890-91.


Balance in hand, Highway Wages Account6911Adverse Balance on last year's account......912109
Ditto Works Account99177Highway Department.
Received on Account of Rates122,233145Gravel and Hoggin749110
„ from Gas and Water Companies for Repair of Roads1,320187Kerb and York Paving1,181143
Wood Blocks4,07790
„ from Sale of Old Granite Cubes (Harrow Road)252196Do. Wood Paving Loan2,474189
,, from the Sale of Wood Blocks10584Thames Sand, &c.55306
,, from the Sale of Ashes, Breeze, and other Miscellaneous Articles, Watering Private Roads, Smiths' Work—Highway Department, Sale of Horses at end of Watering Season, Rent of Land at Alperton, Rent of Boats2,14790Do. Wood Paving Loan39277
Portland Cement32043
Do. Wood Paving Loan85796
Wages to Men (General Labour)7,7412
Do. (Wood Paving Loan)1,29411
,, from Marion Mayne's Charity towards Maintenance of Paddington Green3500Officers' Salaries1,417100
Rent of Wharves789150
,, from the London and County Bank, Interest on Vestry General Account189195Rates, Taxes, Gas, Water, and Insurance21911
Tradesmen's Bills and Sundries77726
„ from the London County Council, Loan for Wood Paving Works9,00000Do. Wood Paving Loan11422
Repairs to Steam Rollers117153
,, from various parties on account of Paving Works202143Sewers Rate Account, for reconstructing Gulleys, Queen's Road, Wood Paving Loan23820
,, Balance of Wages Account Wood Paving13548
,, from the Hendon Union Rural Sanitary Authority584104
,, on account of other sources21076Interest on Loans18522
Asphalte Paving Works in Inverness Mews2179
Gully Drains (New Streets)1749
Refunding Paving Account Deposits9143
Repayment on £4,700 Loan (Instalment)94000
Works Department.
Wages—Carmen and others10,56655 ½
Ditto —Road Sweepers5,8496
Ditto —Haulage, Loading and Unloading Boats46617
Ditto —Paddington Green420118
Officers' Salaries34989
Contractor for receiving Slop2,095122
Carried over£136,58715Canal Dues
Carried over£22,152010½28,5991111½