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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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borough of paddington.
report, 1890-91.

[A] Account inAbstractshowing theReceiptsandExpenditure for the Parish of Paddington,for theYearending25th March, 1891,under the ???eads ofReceipts and Expenditure,viz.:—

Balance in hand at Bankers879150Guardian Board (including County Rate, Metropolitan Common Poor Fund, Metropolitan Asylums District Rate, and West London School District Rate)130,80000
Received on Account of Rates160,37271
„ from the Burial Board, pursuant to Sec. 22 of the 15th and 16th Vic. Cap. 85 (Metropolitan Burials Act)1,50000
Police Rate26,59570
Baths and Wash-houses3,234126
,, from Her Majesty's Treasury, as a Contribution by way of Bounty to the Rates on Government Property10108Expenses of preparing and printing Borough, County and Jury Lists450510
Returning Officers' Expenses (Registration)239147
,, from other Sources130Expenses of Election of Vestrymen and Auditors of Accounts2429
Balance in hand at Bankers1,51031


Balance in hand at Bankers1,933610Gas to Public Lamps4,05683
Balance in hand, Wages Account333„ to Refuge Lamps51646
Received on Account of Rates5,153154New Services and Removals944
,, on account of Private Lighting23100New Lamp-posts and Guard-posts, Lanterns, and Head Irons21836
,, from Her Majesty's Treasury, as a Contribution by way of Bounty to the Rates on Government Property41711
Lamplighters' Wages1,76632
Maintenance of Meters and Boxes, Examining and Testing Governors and Cocks, Repairing Lamp Columns, Brackets, Lanterns, etc.19061
,, from Sewers Rate Account for Gas to Urinals2461
„ on Account of Damage to Lamps2973
,, for Refixing Lamp169Tradesmen's Bills14059
,, on Account of Sale of Old Lamp Columns932Balance in hand at Bankers279011
£7,182167Balance in hand, Wages Account701