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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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In my first Annual Report (1875) I said: "It is
not unlikely that we may see in St. John's what is
taking place in the central districts of the Metropolis,
viz., a decrease of population, arising not from the
same causes—the incursion of railways, the opening
up of new streets, &c.—but from the wealthy displacing
the more numerous poor;" thus showing that I had
anticipated a decrease in the population of St. John's,
but not to the extent indicated by the official figures.
Believing, for the reasons above stated, the official
(Census) figures to be incorrect, I cannot accept them,
and have throughout this report based the calculations
upon the estimated population.
Births and Deaths.
During the fifty-three weeks of the registration year
1890, ending 3rd January, 1891, 2,901 births and
2,326 deaths were registered in Paddington.
Of the 2,901 births, comprising 1,443 male and
1,458 female children, 2,389 occurred in St. Mary's
and 512 in St. John's Sub-district.
The proportion of males to females among the
children born in the Parish was 100 males to 101
females, whereas in the Metropolis it was 100 males
to 97 females.
The births were most numerous during the first
and least so in the fourth quarter of the year.

the enumerated and of the estimated population is much greater, more particularly that of St. John's.

1891.Paddington.St. Mary's.St. John's.
Enumerated Population117,83884,15633,682
Estimated do.118,73682,09136,645