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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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REPORT, 1890-91.
VIII. Gas and Water Supply.
The Gas consumed in Paddington is supplied by The Gas Light
and Coke Company.
The Water is supplied by two Companies, viz.:—the Grand
Junction Waterworks Company and the West Middlesex Waterworks
Company. Ratepayers residing on the Bishop of London's
Estate are entitled to a deduction of 15 per cent A plan of the
Estate may be seen at the Vestry Hall.
IX. Municipal Electoral Divisions.
Paddington is divided into Four Wards, as follows, viz.:—
WARD No. 1 :—All that portion of the Parish which lies
within a line drawn along the centre of Harrow Road from the
point at which the same intersects the N.W. boundary of the said
Parish, and thence along the centre of such Road to a point directly
opposite the centre of the Road on Westbourne Terrace Bridge,
thence along the centre of such Road and of Westbourne
Terrace, to the centre of Bishop's Road, thence Westward
along the centre of Bishop's Road and Westbourne Grove to the
West boundary of the said Parish at the point where the same
intersects the centre of Westbourne Grove, and thence Northward
continuously along the said boundary to the point mentioned at
the commencement of the foregoing description.
WARD No. 2:—All that portion of the said Parish which
lies North of Ward No. 1 and a line drawn from the boundary
of such Ward Southward along the centre of Westbourne Terrace
to a point directly opposite the West end of the centre of Craven
Road, thence along the centre of Craven Road and Praed
Street, and thence in a direct line to the boundary of the said

The number of County Council voters, according to the Register made in 1890, is as follows :—

North Paddington6,063
South Paddington5,877 11,940