London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Paddington 1857

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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TABLE II.continued.

Date.Locality.Nature of Nuisance, or Object for which Proceedings were taken.Result.
May 21.St. Leonard's Villas .Foul DrainWork done on Notice of Proceedings.
June 4.66, Connaught-TerFoul Drain & Cesspool.Summons dismissed. FurtherProceedings under Metropolis Management Act in progress.
July 2.11, 12, WharfAccumulation of Offensive MaterialHeard at Police Court July23rd. NoOrder made, the defendant having entered out j of Court into a writ-ten Agreement to abate the Nuisance, which has been since complied with.
Aug. 20.33A,TitchborneStreelTo obtain Order for admission to inspect P0remises. (Sec.11 )Inspector admitted on Notice.
5, Jonson's Mews .Accumulation of Manure. Cow-shed in such a state as tobe a NuisanceOrder for abatement.
Oct. 1.7, Harrow RoadFoul Drain&Cesspools.Work done on Notice of Proceedings. Order made for con-
Nov. 5.10, Hermitage Street.Foul Drainstruction of Drain, November 12.
— —10, Dudley StreetFoul Drain & Cesspool, Premises in such aWork done on Notice of Proceedings. ( Nuisance abated on
1858.3, Bark Placestate as to be a NuisanceNotice of Proceed-ings.
Jan. 21.10, Church PlaceFoul Drain & Cesspool.Order made for abate-ment, July 28. Order made forabate-
Feb. 4.1—4, Hall PlaceDitto dittoment after several adjournments, Feb-ruary 25.
Mar. 4.1, Leinster StreetOverflow of Soil on PavementNuisance abated on Notice.