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Paddington 1857

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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The following is a list of the cases in which
proceedings have been instituted at the Metropolitan
Police Courts, under the Act for the removal of
Nuisances, shewing in each case the results of such


Date.Locality.Nature of Nuisance, or Object for which Proceedings were taken.Result.
Mar. 15.6, Andover PlaceTo obtain Order of admission to inspect Premises. (Sec.ll.)Inspector admitted on Notice of Proceedings.
Mar 19.80,84,Connaught-Ter.Foul Drains&Cesspool.Order made for con-struction of Drain, March 26.
-63, Queen's RoadDitto dittoDitto ditto Mar.26.
-8, Church StreetDitto dittoWork done on Notice of Proceedings.
April 2.Kensal TownFoulDrains&Cesspools.Order made for Works of Drainage, Apr.9.
May 7.36, 37, Spring Street.Ditto dittoWork done on Notice of Proceedings. 'Summons dismissed. Work done subsequently, in conse
63, Connaught TerFoul Drain & Cesspool.quence of Notice served on theOwner under the 73rd Sec. of the Metropolis Management Act. Nuisance abated on
Norfolk MewsAccumulation of ManureNotice of Proceed-ings. Order made for abate-
— 21.5, Wharf, SouthDitto dittoment after several adjournments,July9.
13, Wharf, NorthDitto dittoOrder made forabate-ment, June 4. 'Summons dismissed. Notice subsequently served under Metro
65, Connaught-Ter. .Foul Drain & Cesspool.polis Management Act. Works executed by Vestry, and Expenses recovered „ from the Owner.
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