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Lewisham 1898

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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Full Statement and Account of all moneys received and expended by ??? of Works for the Lewisham District, under the several distinct heads of

Receipt and Expenditure during ??? ended 25th March, 1899-Continued.

LEWISIIAM—Continued.£s.d.£s.d.£???ISHAM —Continued.£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.
Brought forward7,0955647,6231779,746Brought forward6,4087245,559134
Lighting Account (Continued)—Lighting Account (Continued)—
Proportion of Receipts on Esablishment Account13148Lighting Sydenham Hill (Boundary Road)86110
-7,23202Proportion of Preliminary Expenses in connection with application to the Board of Trade for Provisional Order under the Electric Lighting Acts14597
Messrs. W. Sugg & Co., lamps, columns, burners, &c.586
Messrs. J. Mowlem & Co., Paving round lamp columns9127
Messrs. Fry Brothers, ditto411
Mr. E. J. Rhoades, repairing and refixing lanterns Board's Workmen22 26 3
Proportion of Expenses on Establishment Account636101
Sewerage Purposes Account-
Sewerage Purposes Account—
Instalments and Interest on Loans1745510
From the Local Guardians in payment of this Board's Precept4,06300
Cleansing Sewers1,322104
Repairs to Sewers456105
For Frontage Drains—Receipts from owners of property to be drained .................................1,561127Cleansing and Maintaining Urinals171160
Frontage Drains constructed at the expense of owners of property drained1,41347
Mr. H. W. Stoning—Contribution ordered by Board for permission to drain into sewer constructed by Mr. G. Badham (see contra)1050
Surface Drainage Works42640
Mr. G. Badham, Contribution paid by Mr. H. W. Stening for drainage into sewer at Perry-rise (see contra)1050
Cleaning out drains, &c.196
Proportion of Receipts on Establishment Account10884
Proportion of Expenses on Establishment Account524169
Private Works Account—(Works undertaken at cost of owners of property) —
Private Works Account—(Works undertaken at cost of owners of property) —Re-draininge of houses at Dartmouth-terrace, Forest-hill2179
Messrs. Leslie & Co.— Constructing entrance to Park Hospital, Hither-green146Two paved crossings opposite premises in Silver-dale, Sydenham19811
Mr. W. J. Scudamore—Connections to sewer in Hither-green-lane2000Drain for rain water at No. 16, Rushey-green1111
Asphalting the approach to West Bank, Lewisham-hill2611
Mr. H. Harbrow—Connection to Sewer in Brad-gate-road, Catford2101
Entrance to Ennersdale-road from Manor-park Estate25155
Nalder & Collyer's Brewery Co. Proportion of cost of redrainago of houses at Dartmouth-terrace, Foreyt-hill312
Connection to sewer in Bradgate-road, Catford2101
Repairs to Crossings in Park-road and Stanstead-road, Forest-hill6123
Mr. T. H. E. Osborne ditto311
Mr. C. Hill ditto311Connections to sewer in Hither-green lane, Lewisham2433
Mr. G. A. Williams ditto311
Mr. H. F. Sinnett ditto311-103158
Mr. J. Bodman ditto311
Messrs. Johnson & Aldridge—Entrance to Enners-dale-road from Manor-park Estate2500
Mr. E. S. Morris—Drain for rain water at 16, Rushey-green1111Private Sewers—
Mr. S. Cutler—Asphalting approach to West Bank, Lewisham-hill2611Further cost of constructing sewer in Brownhill-road for A. Cameron Corbett, Esq., M.P.39 140
-7092Carried forward59,124188
Carried forward60,671249,746???