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Lewisham 1898

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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Full Statement and Account of all moneys received and expended ??? Works for the Lewisham District, under the several distinct heads of

Receipt and Expenditure during ???ded 25th March, 1899.

1898. March 25.RECEIPTS.£s.d.£s.d.£EXPENDITURE.
Cash balance in the hands of the Treasurers9,746??????SHAM.
LEWISHAM.???eral Purposes Account—£8.d.£s.d.£8.d.
General Purposes Account—
???intenance and repair7,59772
From the Local Guardians, in payment of the Precepts of this Board's General Expenditure40,88500
???rtage, Hired Horses, &c.4,43237
???bourers, Carmen, and Foremen7,609146
Keep of Surveyor's Horse5000???pairs to Tar-paving61987
Camberwell Vestry, half cost of maintaining and watering Sydenham Hill11009???tto to Asphalte793102
???intenance, &c., of Boundary Roads47018
Greenwich District Board of Works for maintenance, &c., of boundary roads17246???sam Road Rollers985183
???t and Repair of Wharf11480
Deptford Burial Board, half the cost of removal of stand post2100???ing out and maintaining Enclosures128183
???dening roadway, &c.5939
South Eastern Railway Co. for the maintenance of roads over Catford and Ladywell Bridges4000???moving Trees, Pruning, Staking, &c.29156
???eet Name Plates and Notice Boards4755
London County Council, for the maintenance of roads over County Bridges15500??? Paint, Cart Grease, &c.17143
???Carts, Repairs to Carts, Sweeping Machines, Snow ploughs, &c.4561310
Ditto, for repairing footpath at Catford Bridge906
Ditto, for repair to roadway at Catford Hill after construction of main sewer4911???avengers' Brooms?1613
???lley Grates, &c.261011
Messrs. T. Tilling, Limited, Paving standing for horse600???sts, Rails and Fencing23192
???ols and Repairs to Tools2641110
Mr. F. Tomlin, repair to footpath at "Ordnance Arms"2126???nt of Shoots for Slop, &c.406310
???moving and refixing Cattle Troughs1540
Messrs. J. Aird & Son, repairing gullies, Sydenham-hill-road500???sinfectants72100
???pairs to footbridge at Park End, Sydenham, and ???new Smoke Boards473
Messrs. Horwood Bros., contribution to cost of paving footpath in Stanstead-road2000
???rriage of Goods825
Messrs. T. Longman & Son, old iron1326
Beckenham Urban District Council, repair of boundary road3100???talments and Interest on Loans24,399 3,74413 07 4
National Telephone Company, breaking up roads and footpaths3331811???atering Roads4,346810
???oportion of Expenses on Sydenham Recreation ???Ground59230
Crystal Palace District Electric Supply Co., ditto40101
South Metropolitan Gas Company, ditto11410???itto ditto Penge ditto3231910
Crystal Palace District Gas Company, ditto2244???itto ditto St. Mary's Churchyard96146
Sundry persons, ditto104103???penses in connection with Molesworth Street ???Depdt20198
Fees for Hoard Licenses3840
Crystal Palace District Gas Company, Hire of Steam Road Roller1050???llection of House Refuse4,655138
???oportion of Expenses in connection with the ???Deptoat Lower Sydenham32159
Proportion of fee for the privilege of selling refreshments in the Sydenham Recreation Ground1192
???estry Expenses (sums paid by the Board upon request of the Vestry of Lewisham)212104
Proportion of Receipts in respect of the Public Health (London) Act, 1891, including Exchequer Contribution towards Salaries of Sanitary Officers3841010
???tension of Board's Offices —Proportion of Ex???penses6554
London County Council, proportion of Grant in accordance with the provisions of the Equalisation of Rates Act, 18944,298211???roportion of Sanitary Expenses2,9521710
???oportion of Expenses on Establishment Account ???ther expenses3,932 317 29 11
Proportion of Receipts on Establishment Account899167-45,559134
-47,623177???hting Account
Lighting Account—
???s Crystal Palace District Gas Company for ???Street Lighting3,06422
From the Local Guardians in payment of this Board's Precept7,05200
???he South Metropolitan Gas Company for ditto3,34450
Camberwell Vestry, Moiety of cost of lighting Sydenham Hill4306
Carried forward6,4087245,659134
Carried forward7,09006 47,6231779,746???