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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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The detailed Particulars of the Receipts and Expenditure of the Board for the yea r ??? ded 25th March, 1891, referred to in the foregoing Account in abstract-Continued

Brought forward54,121513,51000Brought forward55,71559
Lighting Account-Lighting Account-
From the Local Guardians in payment of Precept5,50400The Crystal Palace District Gas Company for Gas for Street Lighting2,534211
Camberwell Vestry (Moiety of cost of Lighting Sydenham Hill)4342
The South Metropolitan Gas Company ditto ditto2,52230
Proportion of Receipts on Establishment Account (see Account annexed)591410Lighting Sydenham Hill (Boundary Road)86110
Sugg, W., new Lamps, Columns, Burners, &c.3867
Proportion of Expenses on Establishment Account (see Account annexed)66710
Sewerage Purposes Account-
Sewerage PurposesAccount-Instalments and Interest on Loans, and Income Tax1,24965
From the Local Guardians in payment of Precept2,53800Cleansing Sewers694191
For Frontage Drains, &c.-Sundry receipts from Owners of property to be drained, &c.467161Repairs to Sewers217126
Cleansing and Maintaining Urinals5470
London County Council, proportion of Loan for purchase of land at Molesworth Street22000Surface Drainage Works161111
Frontage Drains constructed at expense of Owners of property drained44651
Proportion of Receipts on Establishment Account (see Account annexed)3568
Proportion of cost of purchase of land at Molesworth Street23762
Messrs. H. and V. Nicholl, half cost of maintaining and lighting lamp at the Urinal at the "White Hart"141
Ditto of Expenses on Establishment Account (see Account annexed)393182
Sewers Construction (Loan Account)-Sewers Construction (Loan Account)-
From London County Council76000Manholes to Sewers47118
Flushing Tanks51956
Ventilators to Sewers12115
Priory Estate Sewers Account20549Priory Estate Sewers Account348107
Private Works Account-(Works undertaken at cost of Owners of Property)-Private Works Account -(Works undertaken at Cost of Owners of Property)-
Sundry persons31311Sundry Works188156
Bromley Road Sewer Account2,41419Bromley Road Sewer Account2,101107
Kerbing and Channelling-Paving (Loan Account) -Kerbing and Channelling-Paving (Loan Account)-
Loan from London County Council1,23000Sundry Works747135
Tar Paving (Loan Account)- Nil.Tar Paving-(Loan Account)-Sundry Works8177
General Purposes Account-General Purposes Account-
From the Overseers in Payment of this Board's General Expenditure7,86500Highways-Maintenance, &c.
London County Council, Contribution towards the cost of Improvement in Beckenham Road514193Labourers and Carmen1,6671511
Cartage (Hired Horses, &c.)51473
Reinstating Roads and Footpaths broken up by Gas and Water Companies, &c.4817' 1Steam Road Roller147110
Repairs to Tar Paving367127
Proportion of Receipts on Sydenham Recreation Ground Account282New Carts, Brooms, Tools, and sundry Repairs11630
Gulley grates and junction pipes23128
Ditto on Establishment Account (see Account annexed)10997Tree guards, &c.300
Improvement at Kent House Road511211
Carried forward8,53918771,14104Carried forward£3,96181169,49055