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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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The detailed Particulars of the Receipts and Expenditure of the Board forthe ??? ear ended 25th March, 1891, referred to in the foregoing Account in Abstract.

1890 RECEIPTS.£s.d.£s.d£s.d.???EWISHAM. PAYMENTS.
March 25. Cash balance in the hands of the Treasurers (Current Account)2,427194General Purposes Account-£s.d.£s.d£s.d.
Highways, Maintenance, &c.
Ditto ditto Cashier34393Materials4,401162
2,77187Labourers and Carmen6,56815
Ditto ditto Treasurers (New Streets)738115Cartage (Hired Horses, &c.)2,246115
LEWISHAM.3,5100???Board's Horses, maintenance of70789
General Purposes Account-Steam Road Roller40064
From the Local Guardians, in payment of the Precepts for this Board's General Expenditure29,45800Repairs to Tar Paving452118
Repairs to Asphalte Footpaths22379
Sale of Manure and Old Horses110810Sand, Gravel, Salt, &c , for slippery roads and footpaths13646
London County Council, Loan for Improvements at Camden Road and Blackheath Hill30000Repair and maintenance of Boundary Roads705142
London County Council, proportion of Loan for purchase of Land at Molesworth Street1,98000Rent and repair of Wharf102131
New Carts, Brooms, Tools, and repairs to Sweeping Machines, Tools, &c.53828
Proportion of Receipts on Sydenham Recreation Ground Account71110
Gulley Grates and Junction Pipes5338
Proportion of Receipts on Establishment Account3501110Rent of Shoots for Road Scrapings, &c.198199
South Eastern Metropolitan Tramways Company, Superintendence of Works and Alterations to Manholes and Sewer Ventilators9215Street Name Plates15186
Fixing posts, rails, &c., in various parts of the District823
Sundry Receipts for Watering and Repairing Boundary Roads, Repairing County Bridge Roads, and reinstating Roads and Footpaths broken up by Gas and Water Companies, &c.602161Trees, and planting and staking same, and wire fencing and turf for enclosures102010
Improvement at Camden Road1111611
Ditto at Blackheath Hill39194
32,901100Carriage of Goods174
From the Local Guardians in payment of the Precept of the School Board for London21,219151Sundries 29 14 4
54,12151Instalments and Interest on Loans4,217156
Sundry Improvements423210
Expenses of Dust Collecting2,14382
Ditto Watering3,2861611
Proportion of Expenses on Sydenham Recreation Ground448710
Ditto ditto Penge ditto305163
Ditto on St. Mary's Churchyard, Lewisham2108
Ditto on Establishment Account (see Account annexed)3,95475
Ditto of cost of purchase of Land at Molesworth Street2,135158
Removing Materials, altering Manholes and Sewer Ventilators, and Superintending Works in connection with the laying of the Tramways26767
Rents, Rates, and Taxes (Depots)6070
Vestry Expenses (viz., sums paid by the Board on request of the Vestry of Lewisham)12437
Repairs to Stoneyards and Cartsheds446
Coals, Gas, and Water (Depots)300
Other Expenses31611
The School Board for London, under their Precept for Expenses charged on the Parish of Lewisham21,219151
Carried forward54,12151351000Carried forward£55,71559