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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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main unemptied for a longer period than desirable. The
Hoard, by adhering to this regulation, are enabled to carry
on this work at a cost of about £3,000 per annum. Any
departure from the regulation would greatly increase the
cost, to the disadvantage of the ratepayers generally.
The Board request all householders to observe the
following suggestions:—
To see that the men are not refused the dust on
To burn (in small quantities at a time) all animal or
vegetable refuse.
To place no animal or vegetable refuse in the dustbins,
unless previously burnt.
To cleanse and disinfect, limewash, or limewhite
periodically the dustbins.
To see that the dustbins are properly constructed, and
fitted with covers.
To forward complaints of the non-removal of dust to
the Board's Offices.
Infectious Diseases (Notification) Act, 1880.
This Act has been in operation since the 30th October,
During the year ended 25th March, 1891, 335 certificates
were sent in by Medical men. Steps have been taken
for the disinfection of each house or room where cases
occurred, and the articles therein.
The Act requires that notice of the infectious diseases
therein specified shall be sent to the Medical Officer of
Health. The persons called upon to send such notices are—
(1) The head of the family to which the patient belongs,
and in his default
(2) The nearest relatives of the patient present in the
house, or being in attendance on the patient, and
in default of such relatives

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